Where to go shopping in Athens!

Hello everyone!

Today I thought I should post about something that I have thought for quite a long time. This post is about travelers who visit Athens and want to know where to go shopping. I live in Athens, so I thought it would be useful for someone to know where the locals go shopping.

I am going to update this post whenever I remember something or I discover a new shopping neighbor. So maybe if you come back after a few months you’ll find more information. So for now, let’s call it version 1.0 .

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Summer nights:: The pink coctail outfit and some more

Hello world.

Today is one of the sad days of my life. I won’t say saddest, because I want to use my words very carefully and I don’t like it when people exaggerate with no reason. I strongly dislike it, because I think it makes words meaningless and worthless. I want to express my feelings with just the right words. No more, no less.

I was wondering whether I should post today or not.

But I decided that life goes on, and it is of great matter to me to make someone feel happier. And by posting something that is pleasant, someone could feel a little more happy, in my opinion.

So, here is the post that I had prepared for today:


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