Creative Gift Ideas for Her

Hello everybody!

Here is my gift guide for Christmas! I don’t really think you should spend a lot of money. That depends on you, however. I might suggest specific items for demonstration reasons, but that doesn’t mean you should buy exactly the same things. The main purpose of this post is to give you some ideas for presents, judging by my own taste.

A. Journals


Journals are great for people who want to be organized and want to have diaries (suggestion 2), scrapbooks (6 and 7 are great for that), want to have to-do lists (look for something like 4), or have a goal for working out and they want to write down their progress (have a look at 3 and related). Of course, you can’t leave out more classic options like agendas and personal organizers (1 and 5).

1. Filofax Organizer  // 2. Day One App // 3. Dailygreatness Journal // 4. Weekly Planner // 5. Moleskin Daily Planner // 6. Gadanke Mother daughter journal  // 7. Gadanke Doodle list journal

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