Hello again

Hello my dear readers,

I am really sorry that I haven’t blogged for so long. However, great things have happened in my life!

I was accepted for MSc in the UK, I got 2 certifications, and I am studying really hard in order to finish my studies on time.

As you can imagine I have many things to plan in order to move to another country, and my to-do-list goes on and on, with things like “clean my dropbox”, “clean my computer”, “study”, “more study”, haha!

Moreover, I am trying to fix a couple of things on my bloglovin, and generally improve my blog and the quality of my blog posts.

I will let you know when I am ready again. Thank you so much for your attention!

I hope to see you soon!

5 Things I’m using lately!

Hello beauties!

Lately I have been very busy and these are 5 things proven to be very useful and easy-peasy to use!


So they are:

Firstly, my ultra light and cute umbrella! It has penguins with pink scarves on it! I always carry it in my bag, it is lightweight and protects me from the occasional rain (weather has recently been quite unpredictable here). Next comes the Korres hand cream with organic almond oil and vitamin C. I love it because my hands are so dry from the bad cold weather now, and this creme relieves my pain and makes my skin looking good. What else could I ask for?
As far as the make up menu is concerned, I have almost zero time for proper makeup. “Preppy” lip gloss from Tarte is quick to use, it stays put for almost all day, and makes me look a bit more polished. The same way goes for my blue mascara by Sephora (I think it is this one in blue) and the Long-stay eye shaper  by Seventeen in violet pansy. After those, I feel good looking and ready-to-go!

See you next Friday!


January Sales shopping

Hello World!

I’m sorry, I know today it’s Saturday, and I should have posted yesterday. Well, not everything comes the way we want it, right? I shall try to post on Fridays, but I am wondering whether I should make Saturday my post-day. I shall let you know.


I got these hair accessories. The earrings were a present as well as the ear muffs below, but I thought I should show everything together because I got them all the same day. I love those earrings! They are definitely statement earrings, but they have purple pastel colors and they are amazing to me! The top-right-corner hair clips are not from Accessorize, but from a store which is called “Gallerie De Beaute”.


Accessorize has some pretty good deals during this time and I really like that! I am always looking for bargains and such stuff. I wanted to buy hair clips because my hair is quite long now and I want to style it quickly and nicely. So I thought I should buy some hair clips for all the occasions: more formal and casual. I also wanted ear muffs so much, because my ears get so cold and these earmuffs are perfect to keep me warm, they are furry and stylish, but not too girly. They are from Accessorize and they were on discount, too.

Thank you so much for visiting!

I might do another post if I go more sales-shopping!


New in the Collection

Hello people!

I hope you are all fine. I am blogging from my tiny phone because I am away from home almost all day. But I have said that on Fridays I post, so there you go!

These are the things that were recently added in my makeup collection and I really like them. I can’t say that this is a haul post because these are presents. I have decided not to buy anymore staff until I finish the products I already have.


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