Now, robots rely money in ICICI Bank.

Now, robots rely money in ICICI Bank.

These 14 machines (Robotic Arms) deployed in 12 cities help form more than 6 million notes on all working days, or about 1.80 billion notes annually, ” she said.

“This brings in a frictionless and completely mechanised process of note-sorting, resulting in higher accuracy and flexibility to handle large volumes continuously. It has enabled the bank employees to concentrate on other value-added and supervisory functions,” Sanghai pointed out. She said ICICI is the first bank in India and among a few banks internationally to customise and deploy robots execute and to automate volume steps in managing money processing on high-end note sorting machines.

“The Robotic Arms use a combination of sensors to check over 70 parameters within second that enable them function continuously and seamlessly without a break,” Sanghai explained.

The Robotic Arms feed cash in three machines pick up the processed money from the output stackers, align the notes, bind the sticks and eventually drop them at the trays as per the grade of the note. The ICICI Bank plans to invest in mechanisation of notice technologies of additional services that are advanced that are technology-led.

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