Scientists find protein which plays critical role in obesity.

Scientists find protein which plays critical role in obesity.

Scientists at Scripps Research have come up with an unexpected finding of a protein that’s highly expressed in fat tissue. The study has opened the door to critical understandings about obesity, metabolism and other diseases.

The protein had not been extensively studied previously. Short for”progesterone receptor membrane component 2,” it was detected from the uterus, liver and several regions of the body but the laboratory of Enrique Saez, PhD, found that it was abundant in fat cells, particularly in brown fat, which turns food to heat to maintain body temperature and became curious in its function there. The group assembled which PGRMC2 binds to and releases a vital molecule called heme. In the spotlight for its role in providing the Impossible Burger that is plant-based with flavour, heme holds a more significant role within the body. The molecule travels to enable life processes such as cell death, cell proliferation, respiration and circadian rhythms.

With no protective chaperone, heme would react with and destroy everything in its course without PGRMC2 present in their fat tissues, mice that were fed with a high-fat diet became intolerant to sugar and conducive to insulin, hallmark symptoms of diabetes and other metabolic diseases in comparison, obese-diabetic mice that were treated using a drug to trigger the PGRMC2 function showed a significant improvement of symptoms associated with diabetes.

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