The city home of dawood evades purchaser for 18 decades.

The city home of dawood evades purchaser for 18 decades.

According to Mr Jain, who has approached the Bombay high court seeking legal aid to challenge the imposition of this fine, it is the government divisions that caused the delay. Mr Jain along with his brother Piyush had purchased the property for Rs 2 lakh. “I’d decided to purchase the property because I had read in the papers that nobody was ready to purchase it from fear,” Mr Jain said.

He has approached the legal aid department of the Bombay high court to rope. “The collector has requested me to pay a duty of Rs 1,10,150, which I do not mind but the collector has additionally imposed a fine of Rs 49,760 on me stating I’m seeking the transfer of land in my name at a delayed stage. I’ve got a serious objection. I have letters to prove I have been attempting to complete the mandatory procedures sin-ce the beginning, but it’s the government departments that postponed it.”

At which he was told that he would find a response in ten days, on November 5, Mr Jain approached the high court. “I have not got any response from the department concerned of the high court until today,” Mr Jain said. Now, it will be approached by him he added. Mr Jain also alleged,”After purchasing the property I tried to get it transferred to my name, but government officials had told me that there was a ban on transferring properties’ name from the Central government, a statement that afterwards I was not true.”

Displaying copies of lettershe said he’s written over 100 letters to different government departments and even to different Prime Ministers so that he could get possession of the property he had bought in the auction. He said he had written four letters to the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, two to Dr Manmohan Singh, five to Narendra Modi and you into the then President Dr Abdul Kalam but till he hasn’t got the property until now.

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