Hyderabad: land acquisition program is rejected by Farmers.

Hyderabad: land acquisition program is rejected by Farmers.

Hyderabad: Farmers of Pratap Singaram have rejected Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority’s proposal of foregoing their lands in exchange for 30 percent plotted area developed over acres of their village. Incidentally, HMDA is likely to develop plots over 1,500 acres of land belonging to 3 villages such as Pratap Singaram beneath its Land Pooling Scheme. The authority has provided plots at the ratio of 70:30 to be shared between HMDA and land owners over the villages. Till the land is developed, however, farmers, such as representatives of the region want the ratio to be 30:70 in their favour, in addition to Rs 5,000 per month aid to villagers for up to three.

Farmers argue that while per acre market rate of the land in the region is Rs 5 crore, HMDA is offering Rs 24 lakh per acre to them.

Following this, HMDA police maintained a Grama Sabha at the area on Saturday, so that villagers would fine the Land Pooling Scheme suggested by it. HMDA reiterated its proposal provide all civic amenities and to create 593 acres into plots. The metropolitan power could give 30 percent of the plotted area to donors of property while it’d hold 70 percent of those plots, which it would auction. Wherein farmers would get reimbursement, which is the government market value the authorities sought consent of farmers into the LPS proposal. Farmers refused this proposal outright. They made a counter offer saying they’d give up their lands to authority it 70 percent of the developed plots were handed over to them.

Their contention was that by giving up their land, they’d be dropping their livelihood of cultivating it for any earnings. One of them, Nagender Reddy said barring residential places, the whole Pratap Singaram village is covered by property. ‘How can we leave our village, which has been generating 73,000 quintals of paddy’ he asked.

Nagender Reddy said the village would be displaced by the proposal of HMDA. Farmers might need to wait around for 3 years to get improved plots. ‘sit idle?’ he asked.

Village sarpanch Shivashanker said until the authority created an amicable suggestion, villagers would not provide their approval to HMDA. ‘We are not prepared to give our livelihood for urbanisation up until compensation is given,’ he commented. A stand was taken at Grama Sabhas held in the other two villages in Rangareddy and districts that were Medchal-Malkajgiri.

HMDA officials point out that owners or farmers with small portions of property could form groups and associate with HMDA and reap its benefits. They would get plots with the newest’developed by HMDA’, which would raise the market value of the plots. Well-serviced housing plots would be got by them together with infrastructure like electricity, water supply, sewerage, parks, sewerage treatment plants, and so on, which would improve land value and salability. Officials point out that there is a potential for growth of institutional and commercial action around the LPS region. Land earmarked for infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, community halls are going to be a part of the scheme. A formal underlined that sharing of developed plots between HMDA and landowners can be based on the project cost.

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